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  • Can I Get A Better Price?
    The answer is yes. We are a very competitve marketplace. Many companies sell the same and or similar brands and styles as All Furniture. With this in mind we will work out a custom price for the right buyers. Generally we have a new home owners program. Make sure you have your closing paperwork and or lease for new apartment buyers at the time of purchase and All Furniture will work out a special deal for you.
  • What is The All Furniture New Home Owner Program?
    The All Furniture New Home owner program is designed for new home owners and new apartment owners. We have created a process in which the customer can save on big orders when needing to fill a house or apartment. Contact our store if you would like to enroll. We will send you an information application to fill out and one of our designers will reach out to you.
  • How Is Our Furniture Made?
    We work with factories all across the world to find the best quality products for the lowest market prices. If you would like more details on specific products please keep the item description and number and we will grab the specs for you.
  • Does My Furniture Have Warranty?
    All of our product excluding floor sample and special orders have a 1 year manfacturer warranty.
  • What Is A Special Order?
    A special order is when you want an item to be customized. We offer lines of furniture that come in over 100 different colors and styles. We have as many options as IKEA and Nebraska Furniture. If you want to see if we can find that special piece contact us and we will get it for you.
  • Moving Services
    Our focus is to provide our customers with as many services as possible. We have been given the opportunity to assist many clients with local moves in the Dallas Fort Worth area as an additional service and a convenience to expand our support as a company. We have recently made it an opportunity to request moving services from our website, just send us an e mail to with as much information as possible i.e (Pictures,Distance, Assembly, ETC. Whatever information you can gather to assist in a faster smoother moving process. We will go the distance with you as well as compete with prices from other local moving companies. E-Mail us today to receive a quote and we will get back with you in a timely fashion. We will begin to offer out of state services "for local residents" only that plan on moving out of state we will also offer competitive pricing for these services as well. Contact our customer service directly for a no hassle quote on what to expect and how to prepare.
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